Kaspersky Good Deeds Map

Some say that publicizing good deeds is wrong. We want to challenge this perception by telling you about the charitable efforts of our employees all over the world. From helping children with Down syndrome and young patients battling cancer in remote Russian regions, to aiding children from orphanages in the small Russian town of Udomlya and Malaysia, to assisting underprivileged families and even a zoo and a museum in the U.S. and Brazil. Our good deeds map highlights just a few of the projects in which our incredible colleagues have found time to participate.

“We're proud to have witnessed the Kaspersky volunteer team transform into a responsive and self-organizing force in the last 10 years. Our offices all over the world are on the same page when it comes to volunteering,” says Anastasiya Marentsova, CSR Manager at Kaspersky. “Our colleagues have such trust in the ideologues of charitable projects that it's enough to suggest an idea to find volunteers, time, and, of course, resources to support any initiative and to see it through.”

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