Kaspersky Lab’s Position On Personnel Management

Kaspersky Lab’s system of core values is built around people who love their jobs. They can get results even in a challenging environment filled with uncertainty. And they create the best security solutions on the market.

Kaspersky Lab’s Position On Personnel Management

AFTER NEWLY HIRED EMPLOYEES COMPLETE THEIR PROBATION PERIOD, THEY GET ACCESS TO 25 IDEAS (OPPORTUNITIES) FOR HONING AND IMPROVING THEIR PROFESSIONAL SKILLS. These include trainings that focuses on developing innovative thinking, emotional intellect and personal efficiency, refining technical professional skills, foreign-language instruction, and more.

Kaspersky Lab is ahead of the IT industry’s targets in 12 out of 15 categories covered in the employee engagement survey.
Kaspersky Lab had 3,273 employees working at its offices around the world as of December 2015.

A 2015 survey has shown a 79% employee engagement level at Kaspersky Lab. As many as 2,791 employees filled out survey questionnaires, 84% of all KL employees at the time.

Russia’s largest career portal hh.ru ranked Kaspersky Lab 4th among major Russian employers, and 1st among IT companies. KL has also advanced through Glassdoor, an independent rating list of employers, earning 3.9 points out of 5. In addition, the company has been named «A great place to work» in the US.

Kaspersky Lab’s e-book library contains more than 1,000 of the best books in Russian and other languages on management, personal efficiency, strategic planning, communications and other essential subjects. The library is available to all Kaspersky Lab employees.

Making Sure
Team Members Are Working,
Rather Than Pretending to Work


Kaspersky Lab’s Position On Personnel Management

Kaspersky Lab’s security solutions are consistently getting top ratings from independent testing labs, winning over new markets. We have to admit, this is not the result of the brilliant revelations of our resident geniuses (although that is also a factor), but rather the outcome of well-coordinated work by thousands of people, every one of whom is in the right place. We have decided to tell all about our six «secret rules» which help us not to get stuck in daily routine and consistently create outstanding new products.

Welcoming newcomers

Kaspersky Lab headquarters in Moscow, Russia, holds monthly Meet the Lab! training sessions for new hires, at which our key experts and department heads tell newcomers about the company, our values, our corporate culture, and about the work of their departments. These regular events help newcomers to adapt to our unique environment more quickly and become part of the team.

Don’t restrict people’s freedoms without a very good reason

Everything starts with freedom. While the company has very stringent rules for product quality and strict guidelines for working with customers, our rules for the team are pretty relaxed. For example, Kaspersky Lab has no strict dress code. We follow a similar approach to work hours: if there is no clear business need for a rigid work schedule, employees can always talk to their managers to find an option that would suit everybody.

Creating conditions
for personal development

We recommend that all employees put together and regularly review their personal development plans with their supervisors and HR specialists. This helps employees to avoid chasing too many objectives, focusing instead on one or two areas of personal development every year, to achieve their personal goals faster. We organize Career Night, an annual series of master classes for employees of the company’s HQ in Moscow, Russia, where they can learn a lot from 20 booths about subjects that include personal efficiency, principles of healthy nutrition, and others.

Play time together

The company holds crazy parties twice a year: we celebrate New Year’s Eve and the winter celebrations in December, and throw a party in July to mark the company’s birthday. Each party is based on a unique concept, and KL employees get involved in preparing and staging every party show. We also have annual reporting meetings, in-house conferences and summits, team building events and even events for employees’ children — add all of these to the mix, and you’ll see that we really like getting together.

Appreciate a healthy spirit
in a healthy body

Staying in good health is not only nice, it’s also profitable. Everybody wins from this. Our in-house training program offers participants workout sessions and exercise routines led by experienced personal trainers, and even meditation sessions led by teachers. Kaspersky Lab has 10 athletic teams (association football, ice hockey, basketball, volleyball, bowling, powerlifting, ping pong, chess, badminton, and a What? Where? When? competitive quiz show team), which are always happy to see new members. Besides this, our Moscow office has its own exercise machine gym, supervised by professional personal trainers and instructors.

Respect people’s wishes

Kaspersky Lab is comfortable with its employees searching for their best career path in the company. For example, our colleague Denis Kobychev was once a software tester with R&D, then he transitioned to HR, ultimately going back to R&D. Or consider Anastasia Koshkodaeva, for example, who started out as a translator, then became a product marketing specialist, and is now a business development manager. Not bad closer to business path, don’t you think? And former business analyst Andrei Golubev is now a yoga instructor in a gym.