2015-2016 Citizenship Report

A Company to Save the World


Kaspersky Lab's
Social Corporate
Responsibility Report

— Our annual social corporate responsibility report is a bit different to most reports of its kind. Ours doesn’t include lots of metrics – the kind that public corporations use to measure their ‘social efficiency’. As a non-public company, we can focus on the things we see as most important. We’re convinced that people who really care can do a lot, and change a lot, to make the world better and help us save it from more than just cyberthreats. That’s why our report comprises a variety of stories – some short, some long – which have come to our attention and grabbed us. And we’ve brought them together to show you. If you also feel impressed and inspired by these stories, we’ll be able to do even more good together.

Eugene Kaspersky, Chairman and CEO, Kaspersky Lab

Basic facts
about Kaspersky Lab

Kaspersky Lab is a privately-owned international cybersecurity company, which has been active in the field since 1997, and is firmly positioned as one of the top four global endpoint security vendors (according to a 2014 IDC rating ). Incorporated in the United Kingdom, Kaspersky Lab operates in 200 countries and territories and has offices in 33 countries on five continents.

Kaspersky Lab generated USD 619 million in global unaudited IFRS revenue for 2015.

Our ultimate mission — to save the world — shows the company’s commitment to making cyberspace safer and to protect what matters most to people. Our products and technologies protected the networks, data systems, computers and mobile and portable devices of our 400 million users and 270,000 corporate clients, keeping them one step ahead of potential threats.

As a technology-driven company, Kaspersky Lab invests heavily in R&D to support the innovative ideas and technologies we believe in. This is why about one third of the company’s employees — more than 1,300 — are R&D specialists developing and maintaining all of our solutions in-house.

GReAT, our Global Research and Analysis Team, is an elite group of 40+ leading security experts who operate all over the world and provide leading anti-threat intelligence and research.

The company’s 120+ technology partners worldwide, which include digital giants like Microsoft, Amazon Web Services, Cisco Meraki, ZyXEL, Parallels, Lenovo, Facebook and Check Point, benefit from our cooperation, while enabling us to provide leading-edge security solutions for their customers promptly.

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